Classic Wood Lures for the Modern Angler

wood lure with metal lip painted Orange, Yellow, White and purple 4.25" long

Metal lip swimbaits


Elevate your fishing experience with our Rogue family of custom handmade cedar lures and discover the finesse and effectiveness they bring to your angling pursuits. Crafted from premium cedar wood, these lures boast a sashaying, swaggering swim that beautifully mimics the movement of baitfish, enticing predatory species to strike.

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wood popper type lure, 6.5" long, Painted light green and yellow



Named after the mythical Sirens of Ancient Greece, our custom handmade wood popper, the Siren Series, channels the allure and danger of these legendary creatures to entice fish with its captivating action. Just as the Sirens called sailors towards danger, these lures beckon fish with their loud splash and enticing walk-the-dog action.

Elevate your topwater game and experience the power of the Siren Series wood popper. Embrace the allure of the ancient myths and reel in your next trophy catch with our custom handmade lure, designed to mesmerize fish and bring them within striking distance.

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  • Sustainable Cedar Lures from Lost Art Lures

    At Lost Art Lures, we're committed to sustainability and craftsmanship. That's why all of our lures are made from repurposed cedar, sourced from cut-offs provided by a local fence company. Instead of letting these cedar pieces go to waste, we transform them into high-quality fishing lures that are as eco-friendly as they are effective.

    Join us in our mission to protect our environment and elevate your fishing experience with sustainable cedar lures from Lost Art Lures. Together, we can make a difference, one cast at a time.

  • Premium Hooks for Unmatched Performance

    At Lost Art Lures, we believe in providing anglers with the highest quality components to ensure every fishing experience is memorable. That's why we exclusively use VMC 3x-6x permasteel treble hooks for the belly and offer a choice of permasteel siwash or treble hooks for the tails on our lures.

    With VMC's reputation for durability and sharpness, combined with our commitment to quality craftsmanship, you can trust that your Lost Art Lures will perform flawlessly trip after trip. Upgrade your tackle box with lures equipped with hooks that are designed to help you land your dream catch.

  • Rugged Construction for Reliability

    At Lost Art Lures, we take pride in crafting lures that are not only effective but also built to withstand the toughest battles with trophy fish. That's why all of our lures are through-wired with 308 stainless steel welding wire, providing unmatched strength and durability. For added reinforcement, we use .035" wire for our smaller lures and 1/16" wire for our larger lures, ensuring that each lure is capable of handling the most aggressive strikes. Hooks and swivels are securely attached directly to the wire, creating a solid connection from nose to tail.

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The Dingell-Johnson Act of 1950, also known as the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act, serves the purpose of providing financial assistance from the Federal Government to each state for funding fish restoration and management projects. This act imposes a flat 10% federal excise tax on certain fishing equipment and related items, such as lures, which is included in the price at the point of sale. The revenue generated from this tax is then distributed to the states to support various initiatives aimed at maintaining and enhancing fish populations and habitats, thereby ensuring the sustainability and viability of fishing activities across the country.